Why Astrology

Why Astrology

From time immemorial, the stars have been regarded as significant in the affairs of people and nations, and astrology has its place among the earliest records of human learning.

Astrology is the science that explores the action of celestial bodies upon animate and inanimate objects, and their reactions to such influences.  It is actually the parent of astronomy as for many years they were considered one science.  Eventually, they grew into separate sciences, with astronomy being termed an “objective” science, while astrology was deemed a “subjective” science.  Astronomy deals with the science of distances, magnitudes, masses, motions, speeds and locations based on observations made with instruments like the telescope.  Astrology also deals with angles between the planets; however, its focus is on their observed effect upon humanity.  It is the study of cycles and patterns in our lives.

Astrology teaches us that there is harmony and symmetry in the universe and that everyone is part of the whole.  It is the best tool available for human understanding.  Astrology’s purpose isn’t to blame the planets for what happens to us, but rather to learn about ourselves through planetary indication and to integrate ourselves as much as we can into the “whole” by working with planetary energies.

Each of us, based upon our date, time and place of birth, has an astrological chart—a snapshot of the sky the moment we were born.  This unique fingerprint provides a picture of our life potential—what we do well, where we have challenges, what we came into this life with, what our motivations are, how we can grow and learn.  Our birth chart portrays our singular inner design and particular reality.

Of course, the concept that each of us has a unique set of potentials and capabilities waiting to be realized is not a new concept.  The study of psychology throughout the years has attached a number of names to it be it self-realization, self-actualization, self-development.  Whatever we call it, somewhere within us there is a knowing of our true nature and our “calling” in life.  For some, however, this knowing is buried much deeper than others.

The better we understand ourselves, the easier it is to maximize our strengths, talents and abilities and to work through personal struggles and challenges that we will inevitably have throughout our lives.  When we see ourselves clearly, our lives can become more fulfilled, purposeful and productive.  Fulfillment in life is understanding what our calling is and cooperating with it—bringing it out in the most positive and harmonious way we can.

The psychologist Rollo May wrote, “When the person denies his potentialities, fails to fulfil them, his conditions is guilt.”

Some feel they have wandered off the map.  Astrology is a roadmap back to yourself.  It is a powerful tool for helping us rediscover who we really are, why we are here and how we can connect to the universe.