Synastry (Relationship) Astrology Consultation

Synastry (Relationship) Astrology Consultation

Synastry is the comparison of natal charts. This comparison shows how two people are alike or different, what kind of buttons get pushed by one another, what can attract or repel, etc.  When you interact with others, the individual energies of your natal chart forms a special relationship with their individual energies. The resulting interplay is as complex and unique as your own personality.

Many of us are familiar with the study of Sun Sign compatibility. Some will ask, for example, “Does a Leo get along with a Pisces?” These comparisons have no value.  There are so many other factors involved when evaluating the compatibility of two people. Synastry is a complex process.

You will receive a 20 page report that analyzes your relationship according to seven different parameters of harmony/tension including warmth, security, romance, sexuality, togetherness and family.

Note:  both partners’ charts must be rectified. 

Length of session:  90 minutes

Price:  $260