Kind Words

Dear Melanie,

You are a truly gifted astrologer! I was shocked to hear about a career change, a reunion with an ex, and an overall difficult year ahead during my solar return. I never thought in a million years that I would leave my teaching job, but life took me in another direction and I am beyond happy with the opportunities I received. Also, I knew that my journey with my ex was over long ago but after running into him randomly he made his feelings for me known and refused to take no for an answer. I eventually convinced him that moving on was for the best.

Although the year was difficult in some respects, I learned a lot and grew in many ways. Thank you Melanie! Your incredibly accurate and specific predictions contributed to the positive experiences I had this past year.

~ Danielle, Kitchener, Ontario

Hello Melanie,

I recently completed the basics of astrology, and I have to say this method you spoke of seems to me a great approach in that it is thorough and precise. I have felt a bit foggy in regard to which traits take precedence or hold more weight than others. This was truly helpful to me.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!

~ Stephenie Irish, Los Angeles, California


Thank you for the wonderful lecture last night! Your presentation was brilliant, and I am excited to try out the method…

Thanks again for sharing this wonderful method with us. Do you offer other classes?

~ Rebecca Zemlyn, Los Angeles, California

Hi Melanie!

I really, really, REALLY enjoyed the class, and in fact have been pretty much obsessed ever since. I feel like I might want to take my future courses 1:1 so that I can get the absolute MOST out of them and keep going at a good pace. Everything really seemed to click for me and I’m excited that this little hobby might grow wings… We all agree that you should be doing astrology full-time. Not sure what your situation is, but you have a gift and it would be wonderful if you could concentrate all your energies on that. Totally unsolicited advice – I’m sure just what you’ve always wanted!

… One thing I did want to share with you was that after our meeting on Sunday where you told me to focus on my career and you also mentioned a sum of money coming to me… WELL on Friday, 5 DAYS LATER, I got a huge bonus at work. COMPLETELY OUT OF THE BLUE but exactly what you had told me to expect!! I honestly could NOT believe it!

Anyway, thanks again. You really were amazing, and I look forward to us working together a lot in the future!

~ Heather Chappell, Atlanta, Georgia

Hi Melanie,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your classes. You are very gifted and as the weeks went on, your sense of humour came shining through.

~ Jane Ann Lobraico, Welland, Ontario

Hi Melanie,

Thank you again for yesterday – it was amazing… What books would you recommend on astrology? I’m interested in learning more about the field. My hubby is interested in having his natal chart done as well – he found the info I shared very interesting and very accurate.

Thanks again, it was great.

~ Cindi van Rensburg, St. Catharines, Ontario

Hi Melanie…

We are leaving in 9 days. I can hardly believe it! Everything seems to be coming together nicely though, and I must say the information you provided me has made this whole experience so much easier because there is no longer any doubt that this is the right thing to be doing! So, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me in such a profound way!

~ Sharon Malone, Zapata, Mexico

Hi Melanie,

I wanted to give you an update on my year so far. You mentioned in my chart there will be a woman (who is close to me) with a great concern for her health. I just got the news that one of my closest aunts (my mom’s youngest sister) was just diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 44. She is having a surgery… You mentioned some travel, and there will be trips taken this year. I’m going overseas to visit her in September.

Another thing you mentioned is that certain friendships would end and others would develop – well, ain’t that the truth! Happened already! I see also that you wrote down that I would have an opportunity to travel for business on specific days in May. I had absolutely no plans at the time and didn’t think this would happen, but I ended up being asked to go to Las Vegas for a buying trip/conference during those exact days! You also said that there would be a property transaction in August which I wasn’t at all planning on. I ended up selling a property and guess when the closing date is? Early August!

The universe delivered again! LOL! Thank you again for everything!

~ Inga, Kitchener, Ontario

Hi Melanie,

I just wanted to send a quick email… to let you know that I so much enjoyed learning from you this year. You have made me understand and become a much better person and I thank you for that!!! I am so glad our paths have crossed and cannot wait to learn more from you!!! You are a sweet dear heart and you have gifts and talents beyond your imagination!!
Bless you Melanie…

~ Brenda MacGillivray, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Hi Melanie,

I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful and enlightening experience. I can’t wait to find some time to sit down and read through all the info you prepared for me. And even more excited as to what this next year with bring for myself and those around me. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on any developments.

~ Lisa Fyfe, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Dear Melanie,

Your presentation [at Toronto Astrologers] was fantastic! Simple, logical and elegantly confident. Congratulations for the big synthesis… I received your [notes]. What a brilliant work! Thank you for the trust and for your big-hearted sharing of this masterpiece… It was a wonderful day! THANK YOU!

~ Andrew Mehreider, Toronto Astrologer

Hi Melanie,

Greatly appreciated your presentation today [at Toronto Astrology]. You were able to clarify a lot that I wasn’t “getting” from Robert Corre’s presentation at SOTA and Patti Tobin Brittain’s book. I would be interested in some instruction in the Morin method…

~ Jim Schaefer, Toronto Astrologer

Hi Melanie … I really enjoyed your workshop on Morin last Saturday, as did everyone I spoke to about it afterwards…

~ Alanna Morgan, Toronto Astrologer


I was at yesterday’s lecture which I enjoyed very much… you present a way to look at a chart that for me helps to put together the missing pieces that I am always looking for…

~ Melina Crane, Toronto Astrologer

Hi Melanie,

Just a short note… to thank you for speaking at Astrology Toronto today. Although I’ve been practicing astrology longer than you have, I learned some new tricks and I must confess that I’m not looking at charts the same way afterwards.

~ Michael Barwick, Toronto Astrologer

Hi Melanie!

I found it extremely fascinating that you were able to explain some pretty serious questions I had about myself that you didn’t even know I had… I wish I could have voice recorded everything you said… just how you explained things was great. I have read through everything once, and I’m going to read through it again… I know I was meant to meet you and have a session with you. You are really sweet, and I know I would not have trusted just anyone telling me those things… It was SO enlightening. Thank you so much!

I don’t know if you remember, but in my charts you said that August 16th something is going to happen (I don’t remember your exact words). Well today is August 16th, and this morning I woke up and found the email that I’m accepted to the Disney program! Woohoo! Amazing stuff. Just wanted to let you know.

~ Julia Chiarelli, St. Catharines, Ontario


I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed the Level One Astrology Class. I have certainly learned a lot in these few weeks! While some of the lessons have been good review, I feel like I am really starting to move forward and the information is becoming three dimensional. The opportunity to ‘speak and hear’ astrology is immensely beneficial and I look forward to each week.

I’m eager to get started on the Level 2 Class and continue this exciting learning experience. Thank you so much for providing a wonderful forum in which to learn.

~ Jayne Logan, Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Hi Melanie,

I’m loving all this awareness that astrology has given me! Thank you Melanie! Doing my natal chart two years ago was the beginning of my journey which intrigued me to learn more, to take your workshop and your course. It has been life changing, and I do feel more empowered. I look at where I was then, recovering from a heart attack, and now I feel so full of life.

~ Lynn Mitchell, St. Catharines, Ontario

Hi Melanie,

Just wanted to let you know that my solar return report has been bang on this year! Astrology never ceases to amaze me… Thanks for being such a great astrologer (and teacher).

I hope you have a wonderful day.

~ Kim F., Burlington, Ontario

Hi Melanie,

Thanks for seeing my son on your day off… he was quite happy with his experience…hopefully we can do his predictive chart at the right time. He was very enthusiastic about it… really made him think deeply about a lot of things…neat! I can’t wait to have mine done also. Hope that you had a good weekend.

~ Carolyn K., St. Catharines, Ontario

Dear Melanie,

THANK YOU!  Your generosity, your talent and your passion for reading the planets and peoples’ charts is so evident… and Melanie, you really have a way of making people feel comfortable, interesting and worthy, and I’m sure that people will continue to be drawn to you for that reason.  (Before I forget… my mom really wants to come and see you as does my friend.  On this note, do you do/would you do gift certificates at all?)  Listening to your observations about my chart was intriguing, insightful and encouraging to take some necessary steps/make some interesting choices in the next while.  In very general terms, a lot of what you shared with me was information that I feel I knew innately (I can say that now, as I age, am more mature, and make more of an effort to listen to what the universe is telling me at every turn)… but hearing some of your insights was helpful to give those “feelings” legitimacy.  I certainly feel inspired now to take off with my next purposeful steps on this journey…

So, thank you for your time and for all of your work on my behalf.  Thank you for making it a spiritually insightful experience.  You have so many gifts to share with the world… thank you for listening to your direction and doing what the world has been calling you to do (at every turn).. and thank you for sharing it with me!  I’m very grateful.. and you are such a special person.

~ Carey Baglieri, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Hi Melanie,

The reading you gave me was really accurate, not just about my Mom but about two other people who caused a disruption in my schedule because they needed me to take care of them. Three people with health issues and all that has kept me really busy just like you predicted it.

I will definitely see you again next year for another session. I am also passing on your email address to a client of mine who is interested in an astrological reading. I told her how amazing my reading was. I can highly recommend your services!

~  Angelika Baum, Mississauga, Ontario

“For the last few years, I’ve been blessed to have my solar return done by Melanie.  It wasn’t until I had experienced the first one and was able to look back upon that year that I could see the accuracy of the information she had given me.  There are always obvious themes that emerge when we are doing the solar return, and I am continually amazed as I watch these themes unfold in my daily life.  I now look forward to my solar return each year understanding what a valuable tool it is in both setting goals and preparing me for the struggles and joys that might lie ahead.  Melanie brings such sincerity and empathy to our time together and uses both her God-given intuition and years of astrological study to help me grow on a personal level, understand the forces at work in my relationships and ultimately live more intentionally every day.   Each encounter with her leaves me feeling empowered and encouraged.  She is a gifted individual with great warmth who is generously using her gifts to help others.”

~ Chelsea Pritchard, Calgary, Alberta

“My session with Melanie was insightful and enlightening!  She is an extremely knowledgeable and compassionate individual.  Her readings are very informative and accurate.  Melanie revealed details about real life issues and opportunities.  I’m impressed because this insight has opened my eyes to the work I need to do within myself.   Having your natal chart prepared will provide you with a greater understanding on how you can further your own transformation and success.  I would highly recommend having a session with Melanie.”

~ Lynn Mitchell, St. Catharines, Ontario

“For anyone wanting to know and understand themselves more intimately, a consult with Melanie is an absolute must. A session with her is like sitting down with an old friend to discuss the things of life that you have always known but may not have understood completely. The best part is she sends you away with so much information, you can’t help but be better equipped to deal with some of the experiences that will be unique to your life only. Anyone who is curious about what astrology can do to help them live the best life they possibly can should book a session.”

~ Kim, Oakville, Ontario

“I really didn’t know much at all about astrology before my session.  Within minutes of sitting down with Melanie, I was blown away.  She described me, my family, my ambitions, talents, childhood and the internal struggles I experience on a daily basis to a tee.  She helped me see in what ways I was my own worst enemy and how I could work to change that.  Also, when she went over what was currently happening in my life and what was to come, it was also so accurate.  I left the session feeling not only empowered, but like a whole other part of life just opened to me.  It felt like a healing therapy session.  Also, knowing the beneficial and the challenging times in the year ahead will be very valuable to me when planning personal and professional activities.  I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to reconnect with who they are, who they want to be, and how to get there.”

~ Jim, St. Catharines, Ontario