Introductory Combined Natal Chart and Solar Year Consultation

Introductory Combined Natal Chart and Solar Year Consultation

This two hour consultation is the most popular option for new clients as it offers a chart rectification, an introduction to your natal chart as well as information about your solar year.

Natal Chart Consultation
You are born with a personal birth chart—a snapshot or map of the heavens captured the moment you took your first breath. Some might say the birth chart has the effect of stamping or imprinting the energies of the planets and signs on you.  Each and every one of us has all 10 planets and luminaries in our charts, but their positions by sign, house, and aspect are entirely unique to each of us.  In a sense, your birth chart is like your finger print—personal to you.

This introductory session will acquaint you with your chart highlighting your talents, strengths, challenges and destiny both personally and professionally.

Solar Year Consultation
My astrology teacher used to always say – “forewarned is forearmed.”  That’s the idea behind the solar year consultation.  Life is about timing.  There could be many opportunities available to you during any one year, but if you don’t know where to look, you’ll miss out on them.  Likewise with challenges.  In any one year, there will be certain periods that will be more challenging than others.  Why book an important event during one of these challenging times?  Why not give yourself the best possible opportunity at any point?

Solar return:
A solar return is a chart that is set-up for the exact moment that the Sun returns to its natal position in your natal chart.  For this reason, a solar return chart goes from your birthday of one year to your birthday of the following year—in essence, the solar year.  The solar return shows specific themes that you will encounter during your solar year.  You will receive a detailed solar return report that gives you a listing of significant dates for the year.  It provides a detailed interpretation of the Solar Return chart, both as an independent chart and in relationship to the natal chart.

As the planets move in our solar system, they pass through—or transit—different signs and parts of your natal chart, and they make aspects with the positions of the planets in your natal chart.  These transiting planets energize the latent potentials promised by your natal chart and trigger the behaviour and events which then become a part of your daily experience.  Some of these energy releases are beneficial while others can be very challenging.

By understanding the motion of the planets in the sky, you’ll enlighten yourself to the energies operating throughout the year and the influences on your home life, health, career, friends and destiny. Ultimately, the goal is to “go with the flow” of the energies and use them in the most positive way.

Length of session:  2 – 2.5 hours

Price:  $280


Solar Return Add-Ons:

  • Solar return location search: Did you know that you can change your year by changing the location of your solar return? If you are up for travelling on your birthday, I can find you the top cities/countries to be in to set a positive groundwork for your year ahead. I can usually work within your desired travel destinations. Add this service to your upcoming solar return for an additional $60 or by itself for $80. (Note: you will want to contact me approximately three months before your birthday to allow enough time for you to plan.)
  • Mid-year check-in: A year can be a long time to wait for an astro session, and I have had a number of clients who wanted to check in with me at the halfway mark of their returns to review what has been happening so far and how to handle the remaining six months of the return. As long as you have a current solar return in place, you can schedule a check-in session at any point during your return if you want some extra guidance. Six-months is only a suggestion. $60 for 30 minutes or $100 for one hour. (This includes my taking time to review your file before our session.)
  • Lunar returns: Because I provide so much information already at your solar year consultation (solar return, progressions, transits, arcs and directions), there just isn’t enough time to also incorporate the use of lunar returns as well. However, lunar returns occur each month and provide a wealth of information about your month. Get your 13 lunar returns for the year with advice on interpreting them at your solar year session for an extra $100.