Chart rectification: Why it is necessary to rectify a chart

Chart rectification: Why it is necessary to rectify a chart

Rectification is the process by which a chart is moved mathematically in order to correspond to an accurate time of use; it can be thought of as reverse-engineering your natal chart down to the second.  This time may not always necessarily reflect the exact time of birth.  It is important to rectify all charts in order to find that perfect time for action potential to be released in a chart.

This process is essential in providing me with an accurate natal chart (or birth chart) in which natal promises or potentials can be seen.  It is imperative for timing of events in predictive work.  If a chart is inaccurate in its nativity, then that inaccuracy will be multiplied in the predictive work.  To put it in perspective:  if the birth time is out by four minutes of time, then prediction work will be out by one full year.

I can say with confidence that a significant majority of astrologers do not rectify charts.  Some might only rectify a chart when a client does not have a birth time.  Most astrologers will run their charts from the time a client gives them without testing it to see if it’s the right time.  This time could be off significantly.  My own time was off over an hour.  I would be a completely different person according to the birth time I originally gave.

For me, rectifying a chart is mandatory for all new clients, so that I may be confident that the chart with which I’m working and the information I am giving you is 100% accurate.  Why wouldn’t you want the exact time down to the second?  Without accuracy, astrology is meaningless.

I rectify your chart by getting some important information from you in regards to significant events in your life thus far as well as some basic information about you, your career, home life and family.

I plot the significant events onto your chart and fine tune your time until everything lines up perfectly.  For example, a death of someone close, a marriage or a birth should show up in your chart.  If it doesn’t, it means we don’t have an accurate time.

Intake forms for rectification:

» Intake Form A (DOCX)
» Intake Form B (DOCX)